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Check out the helpful frequently asked questions below to learn more about the Dawg Camp experience!

Do you actually camp at “Dawg Camp?”

Despite the name, Dawg Camp is simply the name of this transition program! Unless you attend Dawg Camp Adventure, you will not be camping outside, rather you are in a residence hall or a retreat site cabin with full amenities.

Is there something for me?
Yes! There is something for every new University of Georgia student – community engagement, outdoor adventures, Athens immersion, transfer student, school spirit/traditions  – each program is designed for different interests!

Is Dawg Camp a summer-long commitment?
Dawg Camp programs run through the months of June and July with different programs taking place at different times. Discovery, our shortest camp, takes place during the last weekend of July; whereas, Connect, Fusion, Innovate, Adventure and Classic City last from four to six days.

What is the difference between each camp?
Each Dawg Camp program speaks to various interests, which results in different program focuses. Adventure, Fusion, Innovate and Classic City focus on the outdoors, Athenian culture, innovation, and community service in the Athens-Clarke country area, respectively. Connect is for our new transfer students and combines elements of other programs, but has transfer-specific information and programming. These camps run throughout the summer for four to six days and accommodate 12 – 20 students per session. Our last program of the summer, Discovery, caters to 250 students and focuses on building leadership skills, promoting campus and community involvement, fostering long-lasting friendships, and learning the history and traditions of the university. While each camp caters to different interests they are all built to ensure students walk away prepared, confident, and equipped to start their new adventure on the right foot. 

Can I participate in more than one program?
Yes!  All programs are exciting and unique, so participate in as many as you would like! We recommend that transfer students only attend Dawg Camp Connect because the activities and curriculum are designed specially for them!

When can I sign up and what is the deadlines?
Registrations for Summer 2022 are LIVE! Registration deadlines are approximately two weeks prior to the start of each program. This allows our staff enough time to prepare materials.

Will I receive a registration confirmation e-mail?
An e-mail from the UGA Marketplace will be sent to you immediately as a receipt for your purchase and give follow up information on each camp for you to take note of until it gets closer to your program date! About two weeks out, you will receive more detailed information to help you plan for your trip.

Where do these programs take place?
Dawg Camp Classic City, Discovery, Innovate, Connect, & Fusion take place in Athens with students staying on campus.  Dawg Camp Adventure takes place in North Carolina. All check-in processes begin in Athens, GA for those programs that go off-campus! 

Will I be allowed to visit with friends or relatives who live near my program location?
We do not allow students to meet with friends or family while they are immersed in a Dawg Camp program.

Why are the prices different and what do they include?
Since no two camps are alike, lodging, meals and activities vary for each and is reflected in the price. The price of each camp includes lodging, transportation during the program, meals, activities, and a t-shirt.

How will I know what to bring and when/where to be dropped off for each program?
An e-mail with all of these details will be sent to all participants two weeks prior to the start of their program. If you need that information in advance for some reason, e-mail

What are the housing accommodations at Dawg Camp?
Dawg Camp Classic City, Connect, Discovery, Innovate, and Fusion participants are housed in UGA residence halls located on campus. Dawg Camp Adventure participants stay outdoors in tents during their time in North Carolina.If you need any special accommodations, feel free to contact us at

How is Dawg Camp different than orientation?
At UGA Orientation, students have the opportunity to see campus, go through academic advising, select courses, and gain exposure to departments and student support resources at the institution. Dawg Camp focuses on the next step – the transition from high school to college.

Dawg Camp gives participants the opportunity to expand on the knowledge learned at orientation while being exposed to student life and UGA traditions, exploring common transition topics, and participating in fun and dynamic activities. Our programs allow incoming students to learn about more about what UGA has to offer and form closer bonds with their peers in a more casual environment.  

Dawg Camp also provides the opportunity for participants to be mentored by Dawg Camp Counselors – UGA upperclassmen involved in many areas of campus that are trained and eager to help new students find their place at UGA and thrive in their first year and beyond.

What if my orientation session is after Dawg Camp?
Feel free to sign up and join us anyway! Participants do not need to attend orientation before attending Dawg Camp.

What if my desired Dawg Camp program and available orientation sessions conflict?
Dawg Camp operates in partnership with UGA Admissions/New Student Orientation. If there is a scheduling conflict with orientation that doesn’t allow a student to attend Dawg Camp, contact us at to discuss possible accommodations. 

What if the Dawg Camp I want to attend is full?
Once a program is full, we will replace the registration link with a Waitlist link! Simply fill out the form and if a spot opens up, we will contact individuals in the order in which they completed the form.

Should my family come?
The Dawg Camp program is for students only.

Are there scholarships available to cover the registration price for Dawg Camp?
Yes! Scholarships (or fee waivers) are based on a completed scholarship application and demonstrated financial need. Dawg Camp Scholarship Application will be available in March when registration opens! Application review will begin on Sunday, May 16, 2022 and will continue until all scholarship funds have been awarded, we recommend completing the scholarship form prior to the May 16 priority deadline. If you have a concern about your ability to afford a Dawg Camp program, please email us at

What is the refund policy?
A 50% refund will be given to those who request it at least two weeks prior to the start of their original Dawg Camp program (the exact date is on your respective registration form). No refunds will be given for cancellations made after the registration deadline as program materials have already been purchased and reservations have been solidified. 

Can I come to Dawg Camp after my first year instead of now?
Dawg Camp is a once in a lifetime opportunity only for incoming students to the University of Georgia. This means that the only chance students have to participate in this tradition is prior to the start of their first semester at UGA. Spring start students are welcome to attend the summer prior to starting at UGA or the summer after their first semester at UGA.

Can I attend Dawg Camp if I am a spring admit student?
Yes, all students admitted for the next academic year can attend Dawg Camp in the summer (e.g. if you are admitted for spring 2023 instead of fall 2022, you can come to Dawg Camp in the summer of 2022). 

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a student with a disability which may need accommodation to participate in our program, please directly contact the Disability Resource Center (705-542-8719) for an evaluation of your needs.

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