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Can I be a Dawg Camp counselor if I never attended Dawg Camp?

Yes, absolutely! Being apart of Dawg Camp Staff is above all else, a campus leadership position. We will provide you training and insight on all of the ins-and-outs of Dawg Camp so you are fully prepared for the role.

What is the time commitment during the spring semester?

During the spring semester, you are required to attending our weekly training session from on Tuesdays from 5:30 – 7:30 pm (not including spring break). You will have additional meetings scheduled during the semester with your Color Group and Mentor Group. These meetings will be scheduled based on your groups availability. Dawg Camp is a commitment, it is important that you are able to manage your time effectively to fulfill this position.

Do I have to be in Athens all summer to be on Dawg Camp Staff?

No, you are only required to be in Athens during your selected program (and Discovery, if applying to be a Special Programs Counselor). Check out our Mandatory Dates sheet for more information.

What is a “Co?”

Each member of Dawg Camp Staff is assigned a Co-Counselor or “Co.” This is someone you will work alongside during the spring semester and facilitate your small group with during your selected program. 

Will I have to pay for any dues or fees to be apart of Dawg Camp Staff?

No, Dawg Camp will provide all necessary meals, uniforms, and overnight accommodations during retreats, workdays, and Dawg Camp programs. Dawg Camp staff will be provided with various fundraising opportunities to help decrease the costs of incoming campers attending Dawg Camp.

Do you actually camp at “Dawg Camp?”

Despite the name, Dawg Camp is simply the name of this transition program! Unless you attend Dawg Camp Adventure, you will not be camping outside, rather you are in a residence hall or a retreat site cabin with full amenities.

How is Dawg Camp different than orientation?

At UGA Orientation, students have the opportunity to see campus, go through academic advising, select courses, and gain exposure to departments and student support resources at the institution. Dawg Camp focuses on the next step – the transition from high school to college.

Dawg Camp gives participants the opportunity to expand on the knowledge learned at orientation while being exposed to student life and UGA traditions, exploring common transition topics, and participating in fun and dynamic activities. Our programs allow incoming students to learn about more about what UGA has to offer and form closer bonds with their peers in a more casual environment.  

Dawg Camp also provides the opportunity for participants to be mentored by Dawg Camp Counselors – UGA upperclassmen involved in many areas of campus that are trained and eager to help new students find their place at UGA and thrive in their first year and beyond.

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