As a transfer student, you already possess a range of experiences and unique perspectives framed by prior educational opportunities. Now, it is time to build on your existing foundation and TRANSCEND as you finish your undergraduate career as a member of the Bulldog Nation!

Visit the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to learn more about transferring to the University.

A smooth transfer from another college or university requires careful preparation and attention to detail. Let the Office of Transfer Services help you make informed decisions that best serve your interests after your acceptance to the University of Georgia.

If you are admitted, we will meet you at orientation!

You come to UGA knowing how to “do college,” but we understand that navigating a new campus can be difficult. Check out the ways Student Transitions can support your transition to UGA!

  • Dawg Camp Connect is an extended orientation program designed specifically for incoming transfer students. However, incoming transfer students can attend any of our Dawg Camp Extended Orientation programs!
  • The Transfer Dawg Pack is an opportunity to build connections with fellow transfer students the summer before you begin your first semester and receive extra support navigating UGA during the first several weeks of the semester.
  • We host a Transfer Welcome each fall and a New Student Welcome each spring semester to help UGA’s newest transfer students build community with one another and kick off their first semester at UGA! Official invitations will be sent to all new transfer students via UGA email.
  • Transition Leaders are peer leaders at UGA who help you navigate UGA. Schedule a quick chat with them today.
  • The Interactive Transition Guide will introduce you to the many opportunities and resources available to you as a student.
  • The Transfer Bucket List contains some actions you can take to begin making the most of your UGA experience!
  • Every year, during the third week of October, we celebrate National Transfer Student Week, a week to celebrate transfer students!


Transferring to a new school marks an exciting chapter filled with opportunities for growth and exploration. As you embark on this journey, it is natural to encounter moments of adjustment. Here are some common considerations that students may encounter during this transition, along with resources designed to enrich and ease the transition.

The Office of Transfer Services offers many resources to help you experience a smooth transfer to UGA.

  • The Transfer Planning Guide gives an overview of how core courses are transferred and links to important resources for further planning. It also contains instructions for using the Transfer Planning Worksheet to help you make informed decisions that will serve your interests well as a transfer student. 
  • The Transfer Equivalency Search tool lists courses from other institutions and UGA equivalents that have been researched for previously admitted and current UGA students. These listings are not comprehensive and may be subject to change without notice. 
  • The UGA Bulletin is the University’s official resource for majors, courses, and academic information. This tool is especially useful in helping you plan your academic trajectory and identify any potential delays or complications in completing your degree. 
  • Some majors at UGA are considered high-demand and have additional entrance requirements and/or an application process associated with them. Prospective transfer students should review the High Demand Majors page and current students should consult with their advisor if they are interested in pursuing a high-demand major. 

As a transfer student, you already know how to “do” college but here are some helpful resources to help you “learn” UGA. 

  • Scroll through the Interactive Transition Guide to learn UGA lingo, strategies for finding your way around campus, involvement opportunities, and much more! 
  • Check out the FAQ section on this webpage to get your questions answered! If you still have questions, please email us at and we will do our best to answer your question or connect you with someone who can! 

Many transfer students report experiencing imposter phenomenon, which is a feeling of inadequacy or fear of being exposed as a “fraud” despite your achievements. Experiencing imposter phenomenon does not diminish your accomplishments or potential. By acknowledging your feelings, seeking support, and reframing negative thoughts, you can overcome these challenges and thrive at UGA. UGA offers multiple avenues for seeking support. Here are a few to help you get started: 

  • Want to chat with an experienced peer? Schedule a quick chat with a Transition Leader. Several Transition Leaders are also transfer students themselves! 
  • Want to chat with fellow transfer peers? Join the Transfer Dawg Pack to build meaningful connections with peers who can relate to your journey as a transfer student. 
  • Looking for virtual source of support? Check out the Togetherall App available through UGA’s Well-Being Resources. This free online peer-to-peer platform offers a safe, anonymous space to give and get support. Just like social networks, you can interact with others and share your thoughts and feelings, but it’s safer because it’s moderated by trained professionals 24/7, 365 days a year. 
  • Connect with a UGA alum who was a transfer student through the UGA Mentor Program. You can schedule a quick chat with them or request a 16-week mentorship. Learn more and connect with a mentor on your schedule. 
  • Looking for professional support? Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS) offers 24/7 support. You chat with a clinician by calling (706) 542-2273 or walking in during their business hours – Monday-Friday 8 am to 5 pm. 
  • Participate in Dawg Camp Connect before you begin your first semester at UGA! It’s a great opportunity to build community with fellow transfer students before classes start and explore UGA and the Athens community. 
  • Join the Transfer Dawg Pack to build meaningful connections with peers who understand the transfer student experience and be introduced to many more opportunities for finding and building community. 
  • Welcome UGA occurs during the first several weeks of both fall and spring semesters. Filled with exciting events across campus for both new and returning students, you won’t want to miss out! 
  • Make plans to attend Transfer Welcome in the fall or New Student Welcome in the spring to connect with fellow transfer students and celebrate your first semester at UGA! Official invitations will be sent to all new transfer students via UGA email. 
  • The Involvement Network is a great place to begin looking for community on campus. 
  • Transfer Student Club is a student organization run by transfer students for transfer students! 
  • Explore a diverse array of campus events. From movie nights in the Tate Theatre to service opportunities at local nonprofits in Athens, there is something for everyone. You won’t want to miss out on these opportunities to connect, engage, and make lasting memories. 
  • International Student Life can help you get connected to the international student community at UGA. They host several programs and events throughout each semester and have a wealth of resources tailored to international students on their website. 
  • Consider taking UNIV 2302: Success for Transfer Students. This course will teach you strategies to aid successful participation in UGA’s unique and distinctive learning environment and programs of study. 
  • Schedule a FREE appointment with an academic coach to work with a professional to determine your opportunities for growth and create an action plan for achieving your goals. 
  • Schedule an in-person or virtual appointment with a peer tutor for FREE! Many courses at UGA have Peer Tutors who have already successfully completed the course and are eager to discuss class content, answer your questions, and/or share study tips and resources. 
  • Attend a Student Success Workshop offered through the Division of Academic Enhancement. 
  • Go to your professor’s office hours! This is not only a great opportunity to learn study strategies from the instructor but also help you build your professional network at UGA (They might even become a valuable reference in the future!) 


All transfer students planning to earn an undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia should be aware of the following requirements:

  • Cultural Diversity Requirement
  • Environmental Awareness Requirement
  • Experiential Learning Requirement
  • Examinations on the Constitutions
  • Examinations on United States and Georgia History
  • Basic Physical Education
  • ENGL 1101 and ENGL 1102 Requirement
  • Resident Requirement

Full details regarding these requirements can be found on the UGA Bulletin.

Transfer students must earn at least 45 of the last 60 semester credit hours in residence. Click here for more information regarding this requirement.

Utilize the Transfer Equivalency Search tool and DegreeWorks to show your graduation plan. Additionally, check in with your academic advisor to ensure your credits are accounted for.

Click here for more information on high demand majors. The Office of Transfer Services encourages you to complete the UGA Major Self-Assessment to help you evaluate your eligibility for a high demand major.

Log into Athena, click the Student Account tab, and click “Access Student Account”. From there, you will see options to view/print your bill and options to pay your bill. You can also choose to add individuals to your account as authorized users. Adding an authorized user is your written consent that an individual may view your account information and make payments on your behalf. Please note that authorized users DO NOT have access to your stored payment methods, academic records, or other personal information.

Parking can be unique at UGA, but luckily, UGA Transportation and Parking Services provides a guide for navigating the permit registration process. Another option is looking into Park & Ride, a lower-rate parking option serviced by the UGA Buses and the Athens Transit. Deck parking is also an option, but some decks require the purchase of a pass (i.e., Hull Street Deck) while others charge hourly (e.g., Tate Student Center Deck). 

Several meal plan options are available to students at different price points! UGA Dining offers customized meal plans. Their meal plan builder can help you determine the best plan. You can then add the plan you want on UGA Dining’s website

As an incoming transfer student, you may have the option to live on or off campus. Please be aware that on-campus housing fills very fast, and the application typically opens in January for fall-start transfer students, March for summer-start transfer students, and October for spring-start transfer students.

Incoming Transfer Students »

Students with Families »

If you would prefer to live off campus or are unable to secure an apartment on campus, consider reviewing the resources available through The Red & Black.

Registering for classes is an online process completed via Athena. Your UGA academic advisor must first advise you and have any holds removed from your account before registering for classes. Visit the Office of the Registrar’s website for steps on registering for classes. 

It is recommended that all UGA students be covered by health insurance either with an individual student policy or through their family policy. For international students and some graduate students, carrying health insurance is mandatory. Complete information about student health insurance requirements and policies can be found on the UGA Human Resources website.

Located on the east side of campus, the University Health Center provides a variety of medical and counseling services, including urgent care, a dental clinic, physical therapy, and an allergy clinic, in addition to other medical services. Students are also assigned to a primary care provider on a medical team to ensure each patient can return to the same group of clinicians for their continuity of care. Log into the Patient Portal with your MyID to find out your PCP or to schedule an appointment online.

Information for New Students »

Clinic Hours »

Yes! The UGA Transit system utilizes several routes to move members of the campus community from every corner of campus in a timely manner. Every ride is free. Visit Transportation & Parking Services website for more information and availability dates and times. We also encourage you to download the UGA Mobile App to track the buses on and off campus from your mobile device.

Your UGA OneCard is your primary form of identification on campus and has many uses. For example, it allows you to access many buildings on campus, such as libraries, labs, residence halls, and other secured facilities. Many offices, such as the University Health Center and University Testing Center, may require you to present your UGACard. While both Ramsey Center for Student Physical Activities and the Dining Halls use Iris Recognition Technology for entry, your UGACard can help verify your identity if needed. You should always have your UGACard on you if you are on campus!

Free peer tutoring, student success workshops, and much more are offered to students through the Division of Academic Enhancement. Visit their website or stop by their office in Milledge Hall, conveniently located in the heart of campus by Sanford Stadium and Memorial Hall.

As a UGA student, you are eligible for home, away, and neutral site football tickets if you take at least 12 credit hours. Football ticket applications generally open in August. Visit the Georgia Dogs website for complete information about the football ticket process.

Tickets to baseball games, men’s basketball, women’s basketball, and gymnastics are automatically loaded to your UGA ID Card. Visit the Georgia Dogs website for complete information on student seating for these athletic events.

UGA offers in-person programs and virtual/digital resources to support your well-being. Explore them all by visiting

Student Transitions is dedicated to helping you navigate life at UGA as a transfer student. In addition to the information on this webpage, we encourage you to join the Transfer Dawg Pack, a group designed to support transfer students in navigating their first semester at UGA through community and mentorship from experienced transfer students. In addition, the Transfer Student Club is a student organization created by transfer students to help transfer students build community with one another.

Handshake is the web platform UGA uses to post job advertisements for both on and off-campus jobs. Your Handshake account will automatically be created for you after the drop/add period of your first semester at UGA, so you do not need to create one yourself! The UGA Career Center offers many resources, programs, and events to help you navigate your search, including the part-time job and internship fair each fall semester.

First, research what fraternity and sorority life is like here at the University of Georgia. Ensure you know all the benefits and responsibilities (e.g., costs, time commitment) that come with it. Recruitment and membership vary among each council. Visit the Greek Life website to learn more.

The Involvement Network is the University’s online home of hundreds of campus organizations. Log in and view all the organizations the campus has to offer! Engagement, Leadership, and Service also hosts Engagement Fairs at the beginning of both fall and spring semesters and Mini Engagement Fairs throughout both semesters also allow you to explore the many opportunities available to you!


National Transfer Student Week logo.

The National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students (NISTS) has declared the third week of October as National Transfer Student Week. At the University of Georgia, we understand the value that transfer students bring to the Bulldog community. We are excited to recognize students who became Bulldogs via the transfer process.


Schedule a one-on-one appointment to get support navigating the ins and outs of UGA from an experienced peer!


Curious about all the amazing opportunities and resources on campus? Dive into a world of possibilities, each one just a click away!


Schedule a one-on-one appointment to get support navigating the ins and outs of UGA from an experienced peer!


Curious about all the amazing opportunities and resources on campus? Dive into a world of possibilities, each one just a click away!