Welcome UGA

Start your UGA Experience off right with
Welcome UGA events!

Students talking underneath a Welcome UGA banner at the Tate Quad

Welcome UGA is a campus wide effort to celebrate and support first-year, transfer and returning students to campus at the beginning of each semester. With fun events, open houses, information fairs, and late-night programming, the first few weeks of each semester are filled with numerous opportunities to acclimate to campus, make new friends, and start building great memories!

The great thing about Welcome UGA is that there are opportunities that range in size, location, and focus—you are sure to find something that interests you!

There are Welcome UGA events almost every day during the first six weeks of classes, they’re free (with a valid UGA ID), and they’re an awesome way to meet new UGA students and build connections on campus.

Events are constantly being added to the Welcome UGA Calendar, so be sure to keep checking it as we get closer to the beginning of the semester!