graduate students

As a graduate student, you come to UGA ready to EXCEL in your area of study by dedicating your time and energy toward earning a graduate degree. We encourage you to tap into the resources available at UGA to support you as you continue your educational journey as a member of the Bulldog Nation!

Pathway to Success

Welcome to UGA! There are so many exciting opportunities waiting for you both inside and outside of the classroom. This pathway is designed to help you navigate your first year at UGA as a graduate student. Integrate these suggestions as they best fit into your personal and academic goals.

Get Started

Know Your Campus

  • Download the UGA Mobile App to help you find your way around campus.
  • Take some time to walk around campus before classes start to locate your classes and reduce the stress of having to find them on the first day.
  • Get to know the faculty in your department.
  • Take advantage of the Ramsey Student Center to stay active.
  • Stay on Track

    • Work closely with your advisor and the faculty in your department to make sure you are on the right track toward fulfilling the requirements for your specific graduate degree.
    • Create an Individual Development Plan (IDP) to help support, plan and track short and long-term goals for career development and learning opportunities. Check out these resources from The Graduate School to help you develop your IDP.

    Get Engaged

    Get Support

    Learn About Tradition

  • Learn about UGA Traditions.
  • Begin your participation in as many of UGA’s traditions as possible such as Ringing the Chapel Bell, Snellibrating, and Homecoming.

  • Adapted from Mercer University’s Orangeprint