1st year

Focus on a successful transition to UGA and DISCOVER everything UGA has to offer to build your college experience!

Pathway to Success

Welcome to UGA! There are so many exciting opportunities waiting for you both inside and outside of the classroom. This pathway is designed to help you navigate your first year at UGA. Integrate these suggestions as they best fit into your personal and academic goals.

Get Started

Get to Know Campus

Get Curious

  • UGA offers numerous majors, minors, certificates, and courses as well as experiential learning opportunities. Talk to your advisor and explore the UGA Bulletin to learn more.
  • Use SAGE to schedule an appointment with your academic advisor to find out if your major requires an application/when to apply for your major.
  • Notice courses that spark your interest and talk to your academic advisor about them, even if they are outside of your intended major.
  • Undecided? Visit the Career Center’s website to view their major/career exploration resources and complete career assessments to help explore your interests, values, and personality or visit the Exploratory Center to meet with an advisor who will help you discover the right major for you!
  • Attend the Study Away Fair and explore your international study options.
  • Shadow professionals through the Career Center's Intern for a Day program.
  • Look for ways to gain experience in the career path you want to pursue through internships, undergraduate research, part-time jobs, or volunteering.

Make a Plan

  • Develop an academic plan. Talk with your academic advisor and consider when you will take all General Education requirements along with degree requirements and professional track requirements (if desired)

  • Stay on Track

  • If you are considering a career in healthcare or law, visit the Pre-Professional Advising Office to make sure you get on the right track.
  • Visit the Division of Academic Enhancement for peer tutoring, academic coaching, student success workshops, and much more!

  • Learn About Tradition

    • Learn about UGA Traditions.
    • Begin your participation in as many of UGA’s traditions as possible such as Ringing the Chapel Bell, Snellibrating, and Homecoming.

    Get Engaged

    Get Support

    Capture the Moment

  • Begin documenting your college experience through your writing, photos, social media, etc.
  • Share ongoing updates with your loved ones.

  • Build Connections

    • Introduce yourself to your professors after class or during office hours. Return throughout the semester with questions.
    • Connect with upperclassmen sharing similar interests and majors for mentorship and guidance. A great place to start is with the ambassadors in the college that houses your intended major or leaders in the student organizations that you are a part of. Check out the Interactive Student Transition Guide for quick links to student ambassador information for each college.
    • Join the UGA Mentor Program to connect with the Bulldog family.

    Focus Forward

    • During your advising appointment for the spring and summer semesters, discuss how to make the most of your approaching summer with your advisor.
    • Register for sophomore courses including any summer classes you want or need to take. Begin compiling your resume.
    • Explore and apply for scholarships available through your college and/or the Office of Student Financial Aid.
    • Start building your college resume and seek feedback from the Career Center. Check out "Resume Breakdown" on the Career's Center's website to guide you as you craft your resume.

    Adapted from Mercer University’s Orangeprint